love is grand

Love is a many splendored thing….  Do you remember that old, dated soap opera from years gone by and the equally famous song?  We thirsted and prayed for some of the love that was displayed on the black and white screen packaged just enough to make us believe in the dream.  If only life could be like this, we thought.

Well, bring the illusions down about three notches and fast forward to the now where love looks a lot different than our perfect little daily sitcoms that ended on a good note with a kiss.  Today’s relationships are more complex and challenging than ever just as the people who are participating in them.  What use to be simple, just isn’t simple any more.  People are on a whole different plane with regards to social skills and creating relationships with depth and meaning.  Instant, instant instant is what you see all around.

So, it becomes our personal mission to put quality romantic involvements into the lane where they belong.  You will not mind being different in this matter because you are looking for something different.  Let’s just say being courageous and defiant about the status quo will take you a long way in today’s relationships.  Complexities are removed when we reposition our thoughts and processes about relationships without all the game playing.  Married couples can also rid themselves of the power struggles by putting everything on the table and talking honestly about what ails the relationship.  And let’s not forget that all the outside distractions and undercover lovers will have to be dismissed.  The love you want – I mean really want, can never be built on a shaky platform.  Some things in life must be directly requested without tap dancing.  We’re talking about positioning ourselves for our best life and not one that we would be ashamed for others to know about.

Love is as grand as the pruning and clipping that you apply to your rosebuds.  Some things have to be shed while other things must be added to ultimately reach the pinnacle of the love you want.  If you are already there, share some of your tips for how you’ve kept it growing and flourishing in today’s world.  You’ll be amazed how much your insight and sharing can help other relationships.  Let’s talk!!


5 thoughts on “love is grand

  1. Hello jvenable18! Thank you for your open and honest insight to relatable topics that many,including myself deal with every day. Love is Grand! A true quality romantic involvement requires me to be in the slow and purposeful lane. I have done the instant way many times and I was in the relationship “by myself”. Being courageous and defiant may be different. Being different while seasonally growing a quality relationship may be uncomfortable. But if you and your mate communicate the good,bad and ugly, are willing to be uncomfortable together during the seasons and want to build a solid foundation for the relationship, the uncomfortable moments are just that, moments. I am praying for forever, not just a moment of grand love.

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