Present and Accounted For

Love. What a beautiful word. Everyone needs or wants love in some form unless the individual has decided they’ve had enough of what we call “romantic interactions” between a man and a woman.

However, for those who are on the journey to find their love or involved with the “love” of their lives, stay present and accountable in the relationships you have decided to partake of during this season.  Without a true “presence” in the relationship and notable investments toward maintaining the freshness of the relationship, it can easily become the next file 13 love story.  We really need to see more people winning, don’t we?

This line of thought is only being pointed out because we are approaching dusk with regards to people, sensitivity, responsibility and caring for one another.  Never in our history have we witnessed generations of people operating with such selfish agendas and insincere motives toward their single or multiple relational escapades.  The walking wounded have locked themselves into their habitats in efforts to recover from the reckless behavior all around.

This type of behavior is no more the fault of those doing the deeds than for those who fail to mentally and emotionally show up in the relationships by listening to what is being said instead of substituting for what we want to hear.  Manipulating matters and ignoring red flags will always lead to a less than desired outcome. The beauty of being present and accounted for is that you can take responsibility for the choices made along the way. No blame game.  No fault-finding.  Using the present and accounted for method provides everyone opportunity to own their shortcomings in these various relationships. From this platform, we grow, get our dating or marriage muscles stronger, and we live on purpose.

Are you present and accounted for?

Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  Nothing in life worth having will come without some work.  So, by the time you finally get your ideal relationship right, you will have some scars that represent the journey.  Most importantly, you are driving your car in the direction that you want it to go.  How liberating!!!


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