The Little Things Do Count

Without a doubt, being in a relationship can be extremely rewarding for many reasons. When you have a companion with whom you can share various aspects of your life – hopefully, in a no judgment zone, it can be pretty spectacular. Strong, enduring relationships do not occur overnight. There will be challenges along the way much like any other endeavor we undertake. As long as we realize these obstacles as building blocks to something greater down the road, we can persevere for the long haul.

A truly great thing to remember on the journey of relationship building is to be appreciative of the person who has decided that you are that very special person who must be handled with extreme care, concern and love. In other words, your “real” companion will not take you for granted.

Often, we can get too caught up in the daily grind and the “taking people for granted syndrome” that we forget to say “thank you”. Thank you for calling to check on me. Thank you for being such a considerate person. Thank you for being a part of my life’s journey. It means so much to me. Thank you for letting me vent. Thank you, thank you, thank you. No one should have to climb Mt. Everest to be valued and appreciated.

We call these the little things, but really they are bigger than you think. An attitude of gratitude in a world where many people have become callous, cynical and down right rude, the words “thank you” can make the difference in one’s day. This does not mean you are coasting along just to hear these words, but because you are with someone who gets you, it’s that pleasant unexpected surprise that puts a smile on your face. It feels good and makes you want to continue doing and being the best you in the relationship.

Some people require fast and expensive cars while others prefer diamond rings. But a grounded, unselfish person who appreciates and values the little things, outspends beyond all these other material things. A heart-felt thank-you is priceless and will always bless the sender and the recipient.

Thank you!!


2 thoughts on “The Little Things Do Count

  1. Very true. Being honest right now… I find that I often circle back after a kindness or good deed with my heartfelt “thank you”. Life moves so fast that sometimes I don’t slow down to think of the goodness the day brought until right before bed. ☹️ That’s when I apologize for the delayed thankfulness and try my best to express how a kindness or gesture brightened my day. It’s something for me to work on for sure and this article is a great reminder. Thanks!


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