Happy Father’s Day

Fathers – what a gift to the family when they are in their proper places doing what is necessary to provide for their wives and children. God holds the man accountable for the family. When he is doing all those things that he has been charged to do to keep his family in tact, he feels good. Men were born to hunt and provide from the beginning of time. They are fulfilled through the smiles and prosperity bestowed upon his family through hard work and partnership with an understanding help mate.

Unfortunately, not everyone can attest to the presence of a father in his place. Many have suffered torment and abuse at the hands of their father. Others have never met their fathers and carry a burning torch to know and understand who is the other person responsible for their being in the world today. Those questions and situations make Father’s Day more complex than happy. Nonetheless, we have hope that we can evolve beyond the pain of the unknown and make peace with that “lost” past.

Father’s Day is as equally important as Mother’s Day. There are fathers who are working hard to make sure that their families have some semblance of normalcy. This not only blesses his family, but him as well. There is nothing like a father smiling at his family during activities while he leans against the door. He knows that he is blessed to have his own personal crew under the same roof with him enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Men don’t ask for much; at least, some of them don’t. But as a society, we must offer the same celebratory excitement for the men as we do for the women. Some men are doing their part in a very visible way. We do have a fair share of men who can show out in the kitchen or on the grill, comb baby girl’s hair, change those diapers, give those baths, and read bedtime stories. More importantly these fathers are supporters of the family unit, especially financially and emotionally which is priceless in the marriage and for the children.

Strong fathers are their daughters first role models of what a man should be and their sons introduction to being men. Thank God for the fathers operating in their positions and may you always be blessed.


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