Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

“Age ain’t nothing but a number.” It sounds catchy, right? You’ve heard it enough over the years. Older men meet and date or even marry younger women all the time. But, older women find it a bit more problematic to date and marry younger men for a number of reasons. Let’s look at some of the ways women handle dating the younger man.

Some will lie just to keep their young man around which means these women look pretty good for their ages. You won’t be seeing their driver’s license or anything that tells their age, though. So, don’t even ask. However, you know what they say about lies – they eventually catch up with you. What if a marriage proposal is in the offing? I guess some women don’t mind risking the loss of their young man and the proposal.

Others will clear the air very quickly about the age differences and send their “would-be suitors” on their merry way. This group of women is convinced that it would be way too much trouble to entertain a secure relationship with a man five, ten, or 15 years younger than they are. Thoughts of keeping their young man focused on them while going through menopause, swollen ankles, wrinkled necks, diminished vision and hearing, and more is just too much work for the payoff. There is a thing called “buying trouble.” Who really wants to buy trouble?

So, why is it that women are more skeptical of these pairings than men? Could it be that women are just built that way, feeling that everything must be pretty close to perfect especially the age of your mate? Men, on the other hand, are visual and only see the beautiful woman that they want. They completely forget about their knobby knees, balding heads, stomach pooches, and you get the picture. Men obviously operate with a totally different type of mirror and mindset.

In conclusion, this article makes no attempt to suggest what is right or wrong. The bottom line is how do you feel about it. I would only admonish women to be just a little more open to the younger man whose attention she has captured. You may be amazed that he is an old soul who loves the wisdom and settled nature of the mature woman. Just sayin’.


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