My Roommate is the Opposite Sex!

Say what? You’ve just met your new love interest who is checking off quite a few items on your “must haves” list. You can see nothing but possibilities after dating for a month or two. Now, you feel like this person is safe enough to visit their environment. After all, you’re curious about the habitat of your new love and where you might spend a few evenings cooking, watching a good movie or other dating delights.

But to your dismay, your new interest shares with you that they have a roommate who happens to be of the opposite sex. Yeah. You heard me right. I actually heard this scenario this afternoon on one of my favorite Christian radio shows and thought it would be perfect to present today.

What are your thoughts about your new person having a roommate who is the opposite sex? Is this a deal breaker? Can you trust that nothing intimate is going on between the two? Is this a recipe for disaster? Is this relationship worth pursuing? Do you need to see a therapist?

Wow! That’s a lot of questions, but only you can answer any of them. After all, you have just met this person and you don’t have a lot of dating history to make this decision right now. Yes, the person can tell you that it’s strictly platonic; that they’ve never thought about each other intimately, and so on and so on. Again, if you are the new fango man or woman, you might think nothing about it. But, I can only bet if roommate girl comes to the door with her bra and panties on, you might not feel so cool with new boyfriend. Or, if roommate guy comes to the door with his boxers on, it’s no way brother man is sticking around to have popcorn. I’m just sayin’. But, I’m old-fashioned like that. I’d like to think that the people reading this article are over 25 and have their own space just to avoid situations like this. At worst, their love interest will have a roommate who is of the same sex which should make the situation a little bit better. However, today, that’s really not saying a lot either.

So, in the world of dating, there are always decisions to made. You will have those “annoying” issues that must be addressed before you can make further investments into the relationship. Hopefully, your standards will get your through whatever decisions you must make regarding this new person in your life.



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