The Power of Your Words

Your date went okay. She didn’t fake you out like she had an early meeting the next day or something weird like that. She actually seemed to pay attention to you while you were talking and sharing stories about your life. As a matter of fact she laughed and smiled quite a bit. But how is that possible? You’ve been a loser since the day you were born. It’s no way she could really like you. As a matter of fact you’re going to block her number just to make sure you’re not rejected.

Screeeeeeeeech! Put on the brakes here. Why are you shooting yourself in the foot before you even give this young lady a chance. After all, she did say that she was looking forward to seeing you again, didn’t she?. Does everyone go around saying that? She could have easily brushed you off with something like “take it easy.” Now, that’s an open and shut case. She’s not going to call you with that dialogue.

But, let’s get back to the original negative statement about your being a born loser. Why would you say this? Are you a negative person full of negative words, but you want people to like you at the same time? Well, you’ve got to make up your mind and stop it with all the lackluster, woe-is-me dialogue. You are really in total conflict until you make peace with yourself and your words. No one else can do this for you.

First, no one wants to be around dark and negative energy. It sucks the life out the room and the person you are talking to. They’d probably rather be hit by an 18-wheeler, chased by a pitbull, or burned on their grill while turning the hot dogs. Do you get the picture? There is nothing endearing about putting yourself down whether you are by yourself or with someone else. Ultimately, what you practice is what you become.

Secondly, are you really using manipulation to pull at the empathetic nature of innocent individuals hoping that someone will respond to your ridiculous behavior? Again, stop! You are a full grown person and you need to act like one. Find a way to flush these negative scenarios down the toilet bowl. Breathe some new life into your approach for dealing with the opposite sex. After all, there is real power in your words. You get to choose if the power is negative or positive. I hope you choose positive because it will put you on the best trajectory to attract healthy love.

Finally, positive words just keep on giving. People will see you as inspirational, a light, motivational and someone that they just want to be around. How awesome is that?

The takeaway here is to not be guilty of saying any of the following:

  • I’m just too fat! Nobody wants to be with a big girl like me.
  • I’m just too ugly. I wouldn’t want to date me.
  • My nose and feet are just too big. No woman’s going to want a big clown like me.
  • I only finished tenth grade. She’s not going to want a dropout as intelligent as she is.
  • I’m so stupid that it makes no sense.

Nobody wants to hear this negativity everyday. You’ll drive any love interest right out the door. Lighten up. Be kind to yourself. No one is perfect. But, do take your lemons and make some ferocious lemonade. Play up your good points and forget about the not-so-great points. Most of all remember that there is power in the words you speak. Make sure your words are positive and uplifting more often than not!!


5 thoughts on “The Power of Your Words

  1. Great post and very relatable Jvenable18. I believe if you are not feeling great about yourself and could give off negative energy and say negative words to a potential love interest, do not date. Even friends and family do not want to hear your negative words or your wo-is-me rhetoric. It is best to be alone and work on improving your self(mind,and spirit). Also, communicating senseless and unimportantant information to a potential love interest about your past could have him giving you the “side eye” or out the door very fast. So yes, we must remember that there is power in the words we speak and the possible outcome of those words,good and bad.


  2. This was so good. I’m guilty of this especially when dating or talking to someone new. I love the reminder to lighten up & be kind to myself. I’m going to work at this, thanks for the post!


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