Shut Your Mouth

You know, it’s good to enjoy great conversations with people that you know and who know you well. In these environments, we feel free to open up and talk about really intimate matters without judgment. We know that we are in the midst of persons who can keep our information confidential. You didn’t get here overnight, but over time you learned to let down your guards.

However, with new relationships, you just can’t do that. Posting all your must-haves and wishlists on Facebook is a good way to encounter predators. Dating sites are not much better as we tend to say more than we should in hopes that it will draw potential suitors into our world.

I’m not really sure why people have this overwhelming desire to spread their whole lives out on the table after one or two encounters with total strangers. It’s unattractive, screams of insecurity, and is downright dangerous. You’ve got to be a little mysterious and extremely cautious in these times. You have no guarantees that you and these persons will become friends. So, let today be the first day of the rest of your life whereby you withhold more information about yourself than you share with new people at least for a season.

There will always be fools and social butterflies who consider themselves gifts to the universe with all their openness. On the contrary, your loose lips could be your Achilles heel. Friendships must develop slowly and with caution because not everyone you meet can possibly be your friend.

In closing, learn to shut your mouth and become a better listener. It may help you scratch some of your contenders off the list sooner than later, and that’s a positive.



4 thoughts on “Shut Your Mouth

    1. C, I would keep the conversation very generic and be prepared to interview the individual with questions that you find to be important to you. Not prying questions like am I going to be your side woman or your number one. Sometimes people are too focused on sealing the deal instead of finding out if this person even aligns with your purpose, vision, and future. Don’t interview with the expectation that everyone will measure up. If you are the queenly person I believe you are, you’ll want to send more men on their way than you allow to park in your space. Also, while you are interviewing you can detect lies, red flags, and key information critical toward a solid relationship. Also, talk about movies and find out more about your dates vision for their future. If they have none, give them a wave and keep it moving.

      I hope this helps a little bit. Check out RCBlakes on YouTube. Great information for women who want to get married.

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  1. WOW…the TRUTH you speak. I’ve always lead with “I’m an open book, you can ask me anything,” with possible suitors. My thoughts behind that were it would be refreshing invitation to spark conversation. I’m learning that being too open is an unwelcome invitation to crossing boundaries (ones that were never outlined from the beginning). Such is life when your learning and growing in love, I suppose. This was sweet, to the point read, thanks for posting!

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    1. Well, lyounger08, it’s never too late to change dating habits. Thank God for that. I think it’s important to change the approach when you realize that predators love information. They will take it and use it against you. How sad, but true. That’s why is important for you to be as wise as serpent understanding that we do not live in a perfect world. If you recognize something from this post that you can use to better yourself, great. That’s what The Love Center is all about!! Peace and blessings!!

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