Your Time is Too Precious

Have you ever heard someone say, “Where has the time gone?” Life is just like that. It seems that for five minutes you’re young. Then, very suddenly, you’re middle-aged, and so on. Time does not wait for anyone. It just keeps on chugging along. You are the one left being responsible for what’s done with the time you are given.

Of course, in this instance we’re talking about time as it relates to our search for Mr. or Ms. Wonderful. We have our preconceived ideas of what time frame x, y and z should happen with little certainty that it will fall within those time frames. Gynecologists tell women they should have babies within certain years of their lives or risks having abnormal births. We’re told that it’s wiser to start a family while you’re young so that you can actually play with the kids. Further, young people who aren’t married by the time they are 35 are told to forget about it. Guess what? We react to this stuff.

So, for these very reasons, we’ll hold on to relationships that we’ve long outgrown just to fill a void. These placeholders are glad to be with you because they don’t have a life either. Being with you is about as good as it gets. Therefore, you all continue to see each other for years without any real plans for moving the relationship to the next level. People have spent five, ten and fifteen or more years together without a game plan. These kinds of meaningless relationships are what we call time wasters and who really has time to waste? Furthermore, how do you get a better relationship when you insist on holding on to a person who is not best for you?

There are many problems built around the scenario above besides wasting time. But for today, we’ll stay with the time issue. Time is one of the most precious commodities available to us. Once people move through their twenties, thirties, forties and so on, it’s a rap. They have either accomplished a little, a lot or nothing. There are no “do overs” once the time clock goes off.

While you are in the dating or waiting mode, how are you using your time? Make sure that you are investing in the important facets of your life. As a matter of fact, you should be so involved with taking care of you and your goals that encountering a life mate is low on your priority list. Putting too much emphasis on meeting “the one” can rob you of precious time and energy. You cannot begin the process of figuring out where your life is going after you’ve met your significant other. This person should be drawn to you because they have observed you living your life on purpose. It’s really a pretty sexy look.

It’s a rather difficult to observe men or women looking sullen and dismayed because they can’t seem to connect with “the one.” They’ll excessively eat, drink, exercise, gamble, indulge in drugs and a variety of other escapisms to alleviate their loneliness.

It would be so much more beneficial to take that energy and direct it toward trips with friends or tour groups, creating new inventions, writing books or something fulfilling. I suspect that people who undervalue the many interests at their disposal are the most unhappiest people of all. If they would only try, many people have a treasure trove of talents, gifts and projects inside of them waiting to be shared with the masses. The way I see it, if they give life a chance at best they will be totally caught off guard by love interests seeking them out simply because they are actually living their best life.

As adults, we’ve got to get past the suggestions of magazines, television, and other forms of media which promote that you have no life unless you’re in a relationship. Don’t let those reports throw you off your game. Believe in yourself and ride the tide with total confidence that when it’s your time, nothing can stop your encounter with the right one.



2 thoughts on “Your Time is Too Precious

  1. This was so on point. It was much needed for me. How would you suggest one start doing things or discovering the gifts God has given to them if they don’t know their talents, as opposed to making finding a man their life’s plan?


    1. Hello C. Good question. You may note that I often point people to spending more meditation time with God for direction. There is no way that many things can be accomplished in our lives without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. First, we’ve got to be still long enough, then seek God for your purpose here on the planet. Instead of doing many things that are not remotely about you, find out what were you born to do. Trust me, you will know it when it’s revealed because it’s that very thing you are passionate about and would do for no pay. It’s in you, it is you, and it’s why you are here. Best to you in this discovery phase of your life.

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