Committed Relationships Exist

A question was recently posed as to whether it’s realistic to expect honesty and integrity within a relationship, marriage or otherwise. I exclaimed, “yes.” In a world full of immorality, infidelity, adultery, creeping and so much more, there are a few couples who will go to their deaths declaring their commitment to their spouses. Thank God for those individuals.

So, why are some so on point with walking this walk while others are repetitively unsuccessful? Could it be that these committed persons are mature individuals who understand that if they wanted to continue playing games and living loosely, they could have stayed single? Is it possible that some people actually understand how to be monogamous in a world of tight European pants or overly exposed cleavage? Yes, it’s possible, and it happens because of character traits such as standards, integrity and a desire to live out the covenant made before God and man.

Television suggests that married couples just can’t do right. They are destined to end up in bed with their best friend’s wife or husband or teaming up with the mistress or boyfriend to kill the spouse (this is real television). Or, we witness such flagrant disregard for couples operating in relationships that it brings sadness and despair to the hearts of those in search of love. They may be so put off by the whole state of affairs that they just throw up their hands and say “it’s hopeless.” But, it’s not hopeless. The lenses to our souls may require some cleansing and a readjusted perspective.

We’re aware that whatever we eat or drink can affect our bodies negatively or positively depending on what we’re consuming. The same goes for what we allow into our hearts and minds. Too much consumption of trashy movies, reality television and nasty lyrics in music that reduces men or women into freaks, can completely change our outlook if consumed daily. Therefore, it’s imperative that we feed ourselves inspirational and positive things that fortify our souls and give us hope for a better lives and relationships down the road.

Being committed starts truly starts with you and all those characteristics that comprise who you are. If some changes are in order, get to it before you break someone’s heart. If you are not ready, be man or woman enough to sit this “commitment” matter out until you get a grip on your ability to commit. It’s the grown up thing to do.



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