Good Old Cuddling

Have you ever had a small pet that seems to find the best in life lying in your lap with you slowly and carefully running your hand through their fur? Their little tail just twirls all around and they look at you with total assurance that the the world is a better place just because you’re here. You say sweet nothings to them and they just totally relax and soak it all in. Cuddling is at work here.

Cuddling is a basic connection that brings a certain calm to both parties. The act of cuddling indicates that they are loved, protected and cared for. It really is akin to a soothing tranquilizer because it speaks to the very heart of these two individuals. Anxiety is alleviated, physical pain totally disappears, and you feel happier than you’ve felt in a long time.

So, when was the last time you cuddled up with anyone or anything? Have you been too busy? Why don’t you stop and savor a moment of closeness with someone or something you care about right now? Take a moment and look them in the eye whether they can speak or not, and just let them know that you are so glad to have them in your life. This might be a baby, a spouse, a boyfriend, a family member, a bestie, or your Toy Poodle. Go ahead and cuddle up with them real good and just let them know that life is good and they are good.

In a face-paced world where people barely have time for a 5-minute shower, it’s worth these moments that you take to hug someone who means a lot to you. It’s a very good way to say that you don’t take for granted the time that you have together. Nothing is as rewarding as the simple pleasures of cuddling because it reminds you to slow down and savor now.

Happy Cuddling!!


2 thoughts on “Good Old Cuddling

  1. This was a sweet post and you’re so right. I’m a very tactile sensory person so I really enjoy a hand tap on my shoulder, I LOVE a good ole HUG, a small caress, anything touch that has good intentions. So last night after reading this post I got in my bed and nuzzled up to my decorative bedroom pillows. I report this evening that I’m going to do that again tonight…I slept very well and woke up in a renewed mood!


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