The Gift of Pain

What is it about pain that is a gift, you ask? Good question. Pain is an extremely difficult matter for us to bear. It weighs us down and causes us to lose our balance. The irritation comes from not knowing how long it will take to recover. Therefore, we get really angry with the world at-large because we just don’t want to deal with it. So, how does pain become a gift if it hurts so badly?

Our experiences are painful at the time we go through them, but thank God that pain doesn’t last forever. If we “push through” there is some sunshine on the other side of that cloud we’re encountering today. That cloud is pessimism, depression, hopelessness, bitterness and more dark terms. Then, one day, and you can’t even remember when the light began to shine because it happened so subtleley, you’ve got your joy back.

To your amazement, you are getting out the bed, singing and fixing yourself a nice breakfast just because. You find that you can even talk about the pain that took you down several months ago with greater ease. Why is this possible? You grew from your pain. Now you have an experience that you might share with someone God has placed in your path. This person needs to know that there is hope, that they can make it, and that life will get better. This is the perfect gift to give another.

You see, your pain is not just for you. And no, you don’t have to write a book or run your experience in the local newspaper. However, there will come a time that it will be beneficial information to someone else. Support groups and other self-help organizations are grown from people who have similar experiences. But their end result is that each one grows and evolves from these spaces. Their goal is to usher members back into the real world where real life is taking place.

So, if you have had a really bad breakup, divorce or fallout from someone close to you that couldn’t be resolved, know that you will recover and life will get back to normal in due time. Don’t throw in the towel and declare the world a hopeless place because it’s anything but hopeless.

Your pain is a bookmark that will continue to be placed between the pages of your life and used as a reference point as you encounter new experiences. As you move through life, you will notice that the bookmark is moved further and further back until you life’s journey is completed. The bookmark will be well worn, but it will also represent all the opportunities that you’ve had to support and encourage others through your “pain.” What a gift!!



One thought on “The Gift of Pain

  1. What a great post. It is good to hear that while we may deal with pain for weeks, months and even years, as difficult as it may currently seem at this moment there is hope to recover from your pain. For me the acknowledgement of pain was the first step to recovery. I have learned how to cope with pain by staying busy with work and/ or seclusion from society. Sharing my story and my journey to recovery from pain will be an awesome experience.


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