Your Date Night

You’ve just gotten home from work and your “dogs” (feet) are tired. You manage to get out of your clothes and shoes and draw a nice, hot bath in the claw foot tub with coconut, lavender, Epsom salt, peppermint oils. You light a scented eucalyptus candle and take 20-25 minutes of leisurely bliss ultimately getting into your zone of relaxation.

After that little bit of enjoyment, you mosey into the kitchen to see what’s available, quick and requires zero cooking. It’s only 7 p.m. and you feel that you can eat at least a salad topped with protein. So, you pull out the remaining ground turkey from yesterday and heat that up. You pull out some prepared romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, green onions and salsa to get a meal going. Once you layer your bowl with the salad mixture, you lightly squirt some ranch dressing over the salad along with salsa. Now, you add your ground turkey and top with shredded cheese. You pour a nice glass of lemon ginger tea, grab your salad, and head for the family room. I know – you’re not suppose eat and watch television, but it’s your date night and you actually choose how you want it to go.

So, you’re asking yourself where is the date? The date is with you. You are actually going to spend an evening enjoying your own company. How awesome is that? There will be no arguing over the remote, where you are going, what you are going to eat, how late you are going to be up, taking off makeup and so on and so on. Nope! Tonight is just your chill time to hit your DVR for missed shows, or the remote for new shows or just some music and a good book.

Now, honestly, I want you to tell me that you did not enjoy this experience. I know that company is good, but sometimes your mind and body just needs time for you and no one else. I truly believe if we practiced this a little more, some of the frustration and anger would vanish. This is not something that many people do well because they have been conditioned, at least mentally, to be a couple. No one would be sad to see you as part of a couple, but until then enjoy your date night. If not every week, maybe once or twice of month. It’ll do a body good!!!



3 thoughts on “Your Date Night

  1. LOVED this post! A little secret, I prepare myself for a date night every time I get an e-mail notification that there is a new post from THE LOVE CENTER. Tonight it was tuna-noodle casserole (my lazy version, left over mac&cheese and tuna pouch mixed in it), a glass of wine, and a vanilla scented glad plug in, it’s the best!

    Thank you for always sharing 🙂

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