Dating Integrity

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one else is looking. Integrity is a powerful character trait to possess and it really takes you a long way in life. Operating with integrity allows one to feel good about the decisions and choices made on a daily basis because they come from an honest place within that person. They are not trying to imitate or be anyone else other than who they are and they are doing it in a beautiful way.

In the dating world, integrity is also appreciated and respected. Most of us know that lying begets more lying, and the inability to be one’s self will leave you tossed around like a ship in a stormy ocean. Therefore, let integrity start with the way you treat yourself and then, others. There must be a good relationship with self before you can extend goodness to others. Think about it, abuse is really derived from a lack of self-love. You can’t give what you don’t have.

But a person who has a healthy sense of self love cannot help but to share this positive energy with his/her love interest. This individual can operate this way because he or she realizes that whether the two are together or in different places, their commitment to protect and honor the relationship is in tact. Scandals and capricious behavior is for fools. But a man or woman of integrity will always win because they have a commitment and belief at the soul level of their being. That’s where real love starts, too.

For these reasons, fear and integrity cannot coexist. Let me explain. When you have been less than honest in your relationship you can either be sheepish and underhanded or come clean with your mate. The latter is integrity. You dare to put the truth on blast knowing that this sets you free from anything less than the best relationship you can have. We may hear people say things like, “I didn’t want to hurt his/her feelings. So, I didn’t tell them the whole story.” Maybe, the truth would have been helpful especially if you were willing to communicate your decision in an honest and kind way. You see, we possess the power to either hurt or help those we love.

Today, there is more ghosting and shabbiness within the dating arena to the point that it appears most people are out for their own individual needs only. How about saying good-bye or providing some closure for those who dared to extend their hearts to you?

Again, integrity is doing the right thing – not for accolades, but just because it is the right thing to do. The action says, “I care as much about you as I do myself.” Major kudos to these very special people, and yes, they are rare. So, how about you? Are you operating with dating integrity? Thanks in advance for doing something awesome.



4 thoughts on “Dating Integrity

  1. Dating integrity, I believe is a MUST…but more often than not it’s a GIFT/REWARD. I’m not sure what’s up with that, it could be a change in the times, a change in society’s mentality or both. I can confidently say I have high standards for myself (which has procured over the years with experiences) and I do my best to represent myself as such, BUT that doesn’t mean that I’m going to greeted with such. Dating these days is a WHOLE TRIP & 1/2. A person really has to be dedicated to the cause of LOVE and BELONG’INESS’ to want to take on the challenge!
    Again, THANK YOU for the AWESOME topic! HAPPY FRIDAY to YOU!!!

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    1. Well stated Lora. These are definitely challenging times in which we live which makes integrity all the more an individual choice. We have to stand for something or we’ll fall for anything. Thanks for sharing and happy Friday to you as well.


  2. Wow. I never thought of dating integrity in this way before. I definitely consider myself a person of integrity in dating and in daily life period. However, not telling the person I am dating the whole truth to save their feelings can be just has harmful as straight up lying to them😮. I distinctly remember my mom telling me not to share my accolades with my husband because it will make him feel less of a man because he wasn’t as successful. Maybe that was one issue that led to the divorce. Pretending to be less than I am is still a lie. Bragging is bad ;but pretending to be less to make him feel better is just as bad because it’s still not living with integrity. Thx Judy for ur wisdom and this blog!

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    1. V, what a wonderful post. I am so glad that the post was enlightening or at least thought-provoking. As people, I believe we’ve got to get back to the basics if relationships are to thrive. Thanks for sharing!!


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