Office Romance

Have you been here before? Talk about your catastrophic situation.

It starts off interesting and exciting enough. That might be the number one reason it’s so enticing. You’re thinking, “who would guess that we are seeing each other?” You take your chances with sneaky little encounters at break time and “get-away” lunches. Life has never been more titillating, right?

At some point, someone will fall deep and become territorial wanting to put “fences” around this love affair. Out of the blue, an extended hello to the Fed-Ex delivery guy seems totally uncool to Mr. Man while your offering to take Janet’s box of supplies to her car seems like overreach to Ms. Lady. Then, just like a thunderstorm- boom – stuff hits the fan! Now, you’re both complaining, fault-finding, eye-rolling and insinuations are being tossed around because the green-eyed monster and all other kinds of conceived issues show up.

Truthfully, any relationship will have problems, but the office romance is something totally different. It’s based on so much fantasy. First of all, for at least eight hours you are able to observe the activity of your love interest almost to your detriment. We’re talking major overkill, here. If you cannot spot them over several hours, anxiety sets in along with a good amount of suspicion that perhaps they are trying to get a new office romance started. Every man or woman is a suspect. At some point you come to realize that this is just too much. You’re obsessed with this person to the point that you are making major mistakes with your work or not getting any work done at all. Get it together, lover!!

As you can see, this activity will continue to intensify to the point of a breakup because it’s too much and too close for comfort. After all, if you’ve smooched in the break room, argued in the stair well, hugged and kissed in the car and God knows what you’ve done elsewhere, there is really not a good reason for a formal date unless you just love cooking (right!). You’ve spied and done everything conceivable to keep your office romance in tact. So, how’s that working for you?

I’m not a gambler, but I can guarantee you that this type of activity has a very short shelf life and someone will get hurt. Why not keep it real and keep your love life separate from your office environment. There are too many pitfalls to dating someone you work with including familiarity. Perhaps after watching a plethora of investigative murder series, it can be a dangerous venture, too.

There’s a big world out there; so, don’t let your office romance rule the day. Use that work space for productivity, creativity and earning an income while saving your dating expeditions for other spaces and places. You’ll be glad you did.



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